Herbal Select Stevia Sweetener

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Stevia rebaudiana, is a small shrubby member of the Chrysantheum family, native to portions of Paraguay and Brazil. For several hundred years, Stevia leaves have been safely included in the diet of the natives to this region. It is widely used in South America, China, Japan and in many other parts of the world. Stevia is unique tasting with a natural licorice-like flavour and uniquely sweet taste. In its natural form, Stevia leaves are approximately 10 to 15 times sweeter than sugar. Modern research has shown that Stevia’s sweetness is a result of a complex glycoside molecule, Stevioside, composed of glucose, sophorose and steviol. Stevioside extracts are typically 200 to 300 times sweeter than white sugar.

What is Stevia used for?

Stevia has been used predominately as a flavouring agent.
Stevia also enhances the true flavours of foods.
Stevia has been mixed with clay to form facial masques that is reportedly cleansing and soothing to the skin


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